Top 10 Best Cool Attic Gable Vent Fan

One best way to keep your house cooler in summer seasons is installing Attic vent fans. These fans are meant to draw out heat that has been trapped in the attic to create an air regulatory zone between the warm air inside your house and the cool air in the outside.
Getting lead of the hot air inside your house minimizes humidity levels inside the building to protect your home from invasion by molds and mildews. It also reduces energy bills by saving the energy that could have been used for air conditioning. There exists a wide variety of attic fans in the market. As a result, customers find it difficult to determine which the best fans are. To help with this problem, below is a list of top 10 best cool attic gable vent fans that will help keep your home cooler.

01. Cool Attic CX1500UPS Fan

Cool Attic CX1500UPS Fan

This attic fan has a 1300 CFM rating attic gable mount fixed with a 2.6 Amp thermally protected motor. The fan also features a galvanized steel flange, and that features a thermostat. It effectively reduces heat in your house creating equilibrium between the outside and inside temperatures. Installing this attic fan in your house is easy. It can cool up to 1, 850 SQ feet. The fan helps to keep your home more comfortable while reducing the utility costs.

02. Broan 353 Gable Mount Attic Fan

Broan 353 Gable Mount Attic Fan

This is a 3.4 Amps attic fan with 1020 CFM rating. It cools up to a maximum of 1, 630 SQ feet. The fan records high performances and is quiet in its operations. Its diameter is 14” to maximize airflow. The fan features a 22 gauge galvanized steel housing fixed with ribs to improve its strength. The mounting brackets simplify its installation. The fan is automatic and features a thermally protected motor and an adjustable thermostat.

03. Maurice Franklin Louver fan

Maurice Franklin Louver fan

The fan is four packs, and 4″ mini louver painted in a brown color. It is purposed for roofing and works best in soffit-vents. It is made of aluminum and is insect proof. Its overall size is 4.625 inches and fits a 4″ diameter vent. It is made in the U.S and has a 3.5 Sqn free area.

04. Duraflo 620808 Gable Vent Fan

Duraflo 620808 Gable Vent Fan

The vent fan is made of high ultra violent resistance materials increase its durability. The item is CSA approved giving customers a guarantee that it will meet the expected standards. It is an 8″ x 8″ squire size, made of the modern-in screen that is meant to keep off insects and birds getting into the house.

05. Broan 433 Automatic Shutter Fan

Broan 433 Automatic Shutter Fan

The product is imported and allows better airflow compared to the conventional stationary louvers. It features counter-balanced aluminum vanes that open and close automatically. The flange complements easily with the outside walls increasing the elegance of your home. The item is made for increased strength and better cooling services in harsh weather conditions. Its frame consists of 080-6063-T6 extruded aluminum, while the louvers are made of the 016-3105-H28 aluminum coil.

06. Ventamatic CX2500UPS Attic Fan

Ventamatic CX2500UPS Attic Fan

This vent fan features a 2.1 Amp thermally protected motor with a 1650 CFM rating. It also features a galvanized steel flange that increases its strength. The fan also features an automatic thermostat. This fan will provide ventilation with no necessary roofline modification and easily mounts in gable behind louvers. It equalizes the temperatures outside and inside the attic. The fan is a 25” item featuring a 624 SQ inch intake. It cools the attic area of up to 2500 SQ feet and is considered easy to install. It prevents weather-induced home deterioration conditions and helps to keep your room in comfortable temperatures.

07. Maurice Franklin 100 3”Mini Louver

Maurice Franklin 100 3”Mini Louver

This is an imported product in a 4 pack size and a 3″ brown mini louver. It features 6 blades to maximize airflow. The item is made of aluminum metals to increase its strength and make it more durable. It is purposed to work better for roofing and soffit-vents. The product is manufactured in the USA and shipped to different parts of the world.

08. White Maurice Franklin RLW-100 3” Min Louver

White Maurice Franklin RLW-100 3” Min Louver

This is a 4 pack size product made of aluminum materials for increased strength and durability. It is fixed with a built-in screen that is insect proof to help keep your home off insects and birds. It has an overall size of 3.530″ and fits easily in a vent of 3″ diameter size. White Maurice Franklin is purposed to work better for roofing and soffit-vents. It cools up to 1.735 Spin free areas.

09. Air Vent Inc. Gable Attic Vent Fan

Air Vent Inc. Gable Attic Vent Fan

This is an air vent #53315 gable attic ventilator, with a 1050 CFM rating. It features a 3.2 Amp thermally protected motor and works at a power supply of 180 watts. It works best for an area of up to 1500 SQ feet at maximum. Air Vent Inc comes with a 2-year limited labor warranty and is highly durable. Its services are of excellent quality, making your living rooms more comfortable. It also has a 14” fan blade that maximizes air flow.

10. CX2121 automatic Gable Vent Shutter fan

CX2121 automatic Gable Vent Shutter fan

Producer designed it to use together with CX1500 and CX1600 gable vent. We cannot use it with VX25155OLARGABL solar gable fan. When the ventilator is operating, the louvers open automatically. The louvers close to keep the insects away when the ventilators turn off. It also helps to keep rainwater and dust off. It creates comfortable living areas saving on utility cost.

Buying an attic vent fan for your home is an important step to improve the house environment. There are different factors that you may consider first before you make a purchase. Such things include the durability of the fan, maximum cooling area and ability to keep off insects, dust, and rain off your house. This way, you will be able to come up with the best attic vent fan for your home.

A good vent fan keeps off harsh weather conditions in your house. It balances temperature levels inside and outside the louvers making it comfortable to live in your home. It also helps to prevent health hazards that are related to high levels of humidity such as molds and mildews to keep your family off diseases. Vent fans also help to reduce utility costs in your home as they are cost effective to run. Consider the high quality attic vent fans in case you plan to buy one for your home.

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