Top 10 Best iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus Accessories Reviews

Smartphones at these modern days are very smart. However, they still need certain accessories to make it even more serving to fulfill the need of the users. And, those accessories work differently to meet the need. While a screen protector is for protecting the screen, the USB connector might help users to transfer data from one device to another. Thus, those different needs require accessories to help. Specifically for iPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus, we have collected the best accessories for you to check out and find your best and favorite one.

1. The Ultimate Bundle for iPhone 6

1 ultimate bule iphone

The first package is the bundle, produced for Iphone 6. The package contains the smart stylus, a clear screen protector, the cleaning cloth, as well as the case for iPhone 6. This is really a complete set of accessories many users may need. At the same time, their quality, based on the customer review, should be highly reliable since many people have said they are really happy and satisfied with the package.

2. Lightning to USB Cable Sync & Charge for Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

2 USB Sync and Charge

The second accessory instead is the USB cable which can be used to sync and charge your smartphone. The connector is made to be compatible with only IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus, and it does so far work best for the users. Regarding the quality and durability, this USB cable is a perfect choice since it has a very good construction from good quality materials with speedy charging rate.

3. Extendable Selfie Stick Kit with Bluetooth Remote Control

3. Selfie Accessory Kit

Another type of the accessory for Iphone 6 and 6 Plus one may need is the selfie stick. And, this extendable selfie stick kit is among the best options users can find online. For one good reason, it has a slim design with extremely lightweight. The stick is as well extendable to 40 inches which allow users to take their selfie from any angel they like. And, more importantly, it fits best with Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus.

4. iKross Air Vent Car Vehicle Mount Holder for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

4. iKross Air Vent Mount Holder

Next is the car mount holder, and specifically, this one is made just for Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus. So, you can expect the perfect fit with the holder. As its holder is rotatable, you can hold your phone either in a portrait or landscape view easily. Also due to its strong clips, a secure grip of your smartphone will always be there.

5. iPhone 6 Case, Poweradd

5. Iphone 6 Case

For protection purpose, many users may go for the case. Actually, for IPhone 6 cases, there are many of them on the market. It might be also hard to pick up your most favorite one. However, in terms of design, quality and price, this Poweradd case seems to be the one. As seen, many people really excite with its handsome appearance.

6. AmazonBasics Lightning Car Charger

6 Lightning car charger

Another mostly needed accessory for Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus is the car charger. Without having to spend much time searching, if this is the item you are looking for, you can consider this AmazonBasics car charger. Its quality should be among the best. Otherwise, it will not be selected as the best selling product in Amazon.

7. RAVPower Luster 3000mAh Mini Portable Charger

7. Ravpower


For the battery instead, this is the Power Bank for your Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus to consider. It is small and very portable. However, it has enough capacity to recharge your Iphone very quick. At the same time, its battery life would last very long up to 500 recharge recycle.

8. iPhone 6 4.7 Armband

8. Iphone 6 armband

Another good quality accessory for Iphone 6 to suggest is the Armband. This is the perfect accessory to help you do your exercise especially running with your Iphone in. As the product is made very premium material, it can secure and warranty the protection of your Iphone very well when on arm. Additionally, its velcro strap is adjustable, and it allows for the best fit to your arm.

9. phone 6 case, Candywe iphone 6

9.Iphone 6 Case

It is the case accessory, and it is made by Candywe for Iphone 6. Doubtlessly, the case has a very lovely design in gold. And, at the same time, a few slots are also available in the internal wall of its flip cover. This makes it a lot easier for you to store your ID or credit card easily. More importantly, it will effectively protect your Iphone from scratches and drop.

10. iPhone 6 Screen Protector

10 Aerb Ultra clean protector

Not to miss, the screen protector is also a very necessary accessory to mention. And, for your best use, this screen protector from Aerb is to suggest. Besides selling at a reasonable price, the screen protector was carefully made strong and transparent to make sure the screen from scratches, fingerprint and breaking when dropped. Also, you will feel smooth and feel the natural touch though protector is on your screen.

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