Top 10 Best Bike Headlight-Taillight Combinations in 2018 Reviews

As road conditions are getting worse, you need to be seen! This is why if you’re riding a bike at night you need to have a high visibility headlamp and tail light assembly. That’s exactly what form to provide for you today as we’re about to review 10 of the best combination taillight and headlight assemblies you can buy today. All of that are of quality design, make that will provide you with a light, which lets oncoming traffic, be aware of your presence, and thereby your safety is ensured. From our list, you can select one that fits your needs and the type of riding you’ll be doing after hours and fits your budget as well.

1. Metro 400 USB Headlight

Metro 400 USB Headlight

With 400 lumens for your nighttime travel, this is one of the best deals you can get as you have light for up to 12 hours of riding time. You have six different modes of operation high, medium, low, steady pulse, daylight lighting, and the special walking mode.

You also have 24 seven safety with the steady pulse alerts that lets nighttime motorists know that you’re about. Add to that the fact that when it’s in Daytime mode it puts out a brilliant lightning flash that is visible even at high noon.

One final feature that makes this one of the best headlight/taillight combos is the fact that it also has side ports that light up so that traffic traveling parallel with you can see you out of the corner of their eyes as well.

When you take this, altogether as a complete package you have one of the safest lighting systems for your bicycle that you can buy on the market today.

2. NiteRider Lumina 750 and Solas 40 Rechargeable Headlight and Taillight Set

NiteRider Lumina 750 and Solas 40 Rechargeable Headlight and Taillight Set

With the NightRider, you get 18 hours on the headlight and 36 hours on your taillight. It mounts securely and quickly and the headlamp releases in an instant to double as a flashlight when you get off your bike. When you take this combination together, you have the light that you need when you need it and where you need it. In addition, add to this the fact the Solas taillight is totally rechargeable via a USB connection.

Now you have safety security and an easily rechargeable system that ensures that you always have the right amount of light whenever you need it.

3. Planet Bike Blaze 1 Watt & SuperFlash Light Set

Planet Bike Blaze 1 Watt & SuperFlash Light Set

Make from high-impact materials with an alloy midsection you get 100 hours of light onto AAA batteries. With the Blaze LED, you have one of the most powerful headlamps that can be put on a bike today with one watt of light energy produced.

It also features a “SuperFlash” that makes you visible for up to 1 mile away. It grabs the eye of oncoming traffic with an unmistakable pattern of light that set you apart from all other light sources that may be on the road with you.

When you put all this together, you are visible, safe, and able to go about your business secure in the knowledge that those around you are able to see you, which prevents mishaps and accidents.

4. Cygolite Streak 350 and Hotshot SL USB Combo

Cygolite Streak 350 and Hotshot SL USB Combo

350 lm give you a powerful line that can be seen from a long distance away. It also has a stroke feature that attracts the eye of oncoming motorists with its triple pulse flashes and its overlapping steady beam that constantly provide you a safe pass through nighttime traffic.

It also has a daylight mode that lets people see you even on the brightest day. The taillight assembly puts out 30 lumens and lets those coming up on your rear that you are there. So, with this combination in place, you are visible and this prevents accidents and injuries whether you’re writing on a path or winding your way down a country road.

You can recharge the internal lithium-ion battery with a USB port and you have four modes of operation to ensure that you’re visible to everyone around you.

5. Reelight RL770 Friction Free Combo Light Set

Reelight RL770 Friction Free Combo Light Set

With its own built-in Dynamo, you never have to worry about changing batteries or hooking up to a USB when you’re you need a charge. In fact, you even have light when you stop moving your feet off the pedals and are standing still. High-powered Neodymium magnetic technology is used to ensure reliable and long life.

The unit is easily mountable on most bicycles and you have a 1 W power LED which puts out a solid stream of light that makes your path in the dark as brilliant as daytime. Everything mounts quickly and simply and will last for years with virtually no maintenance.

This is the latest in electromagnetic energy generation as well as the ultimate in lighting that ensures safety and security when you’re on the road after dark.

6. Aodor Bike Light USB DC Rechargeable Waterproof Bright Cree Bicycle Headlight

Aodor Bike Light USB DC Rechargeable Waterproof Bright Cree Bicycle Headlight

Twin brilliant beams of 2400 lumens light energy floods. The road in front of you whether the weather is fair or foul. Along with this you have set of twin taillights that allows traffic coming up from your rear know that you’re about.

The headlight itself is inside a rugged Aircraft Grade Aluminum shell that protects it from the elements. What’s even better no battery to fuss with as everything recharges via a USB connection. What could be better than this? It features Dual High-Intensity light, taillights, and all easily rechargeable to boot.

7. Super Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set – Blitzu Gator 380 POWERFUL Bike Headlight

Super Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set - Blitzu Gator 380 POWERFUL Bike Headlight

With the Gator on your bike, you’ll never be afraid to go out on the road after dark. First off, once it’s charged off your computer’s USB Port. Also, it’s good for 2 hours on high beam, 4 hours at the middle setting. If you run an unloaded will run for 5 hours.

If however, you have an emergency you can set it for flash and it will continue blinking attracting attention for up 300 feet. With 380 lumens. It projects a powerful beam of light 300 feet in front of you.

It comes with a universal fitting and will fit almost any bike on the market today with a handlebar diameter of up to 40 MM. This means it’s perfect for Schwinn, Diamondback, Mongoose, and Giant.

8. Aodor Bike Light USB DC Rechargeable Waterproof Bright Cree Bicycle Headlight

 Aodor Bike Light USB DC Rechargeable Waterproof Bright Cree Bicycle Headlight

There we have an alley D headlight that puts out 1200 lumens and will last for up to over 10,000 hours. Made from the finest aircraft grade aluminum. It is resistant to the weather, charges quickly, and easily from any USB connection.

So, not only do you have reliable nighttime writing but also you’ll have to worry about replacing batteries ever again. Each of these lights undergoes a rigorous inspection before it’s packaged up and shipped out the door.

This means you have the highest quality possible and a product that will let you down. The front of the headlamp is made from tempered glass, which resists scratching and impact.

You now have the perfect way to light up your path anywhere you choose to ride your bike after hours.

9. Sunspeed Waterproof USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set

Sunspeed Waterproof USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set

Sunspeed headlight is the UCD rechargeable headlight that makes you easy to be spotted by oncoming traffic. In fact, this light is so bright that when it set to flashing. It can be visible even in the daytime as a bright strobe that attracts assistance to you should you need it.

You also have a lifetime warranty with no questions asked. Your 100% satisfaction is their goal. So now, you can light up the road in front of you with an all weather. Its light that mounts in seconds to virtually any bicycle currently on the market today.

The special feature has been either added which allows you to use a high beam or low been just as you would if you’re driving your car. This enables you not to blind oncoming traffic as they approach it from the other direction.

10. SafeCycler® LED Bike Lights

SafeCycler® LED Bike Lights

When you really need by candlelight arrives it will have its batteries preinstalled. Also, It is ready for you to mount everything simply and easily.

As this is the season for riding, you will want to avoid the bedlam confusion that can result when you aren’t seen. With this headlamp, you’ll be seeing and seen much further away than with the old style incandescent bulbs.

What’s more, you’ll probably never have to buy another head light for your bike again. As this model, we can last up to 10,000 hours before beginning to dim. Again, you have the Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee.

You have seen 10 headlamp and taillight assemblies available for you on-line today. Each Comb has sufficient light that allows you to bee seen in the dark by motorists that are coming down the road.

In fact, some of these headlights also double as flashlights and emergency beacons as well. Therefore, they perform double. Duty to not only let your way but some in fact even protect you when you are not riding.

So, you have a variety of features and functions that picks of that make your nighttime activities safer. Therefore much more enjoyable as you’re not worrying about someone not seeing you while you are cycling too.

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