Top 15 Best Men’s Running Tights in 2018 Reviews

Tights are part of the gear that should is imperative to healthy running. They are designed to keep a runner warm in colder months and offer support and safety to the skin. The perfect running tights would be comfortable, non-restricting and less baggy than sweat pants especially on a windy day.

Some runners find tights to be a bit too revealing however the benefits of these running tights are evident. Thy have been found to improve both running performance and the recovery process thereafter. This was found in a study from the international journal of sports medicine in 2006 that showed improved circulation when using tights. This effect helps in improving a runners’ endurance and helps flush out toxins from the muscles by minimizing the muscle vibration and decreasing the damage to the muscles.

The following section will review different running tights for men and provide a basis of informed choice for every type of runner.

1. Tesla Men’s Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Pants Legging Shorts Tights P16

1. Tesla Men's Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Pants Legging Shorts Tights P16

These running pants are very inexpensive and fit like a second skin and stretch with your body movements. They are designed to keep you cool with its two-way air circulation and it’s ability to sense the presence of moisture when you sweat. This circulation ability also ensures you are dry as you sweat. Due to this cooling ability, it should not be used in the colder months. It is made with polyester and spandex.

2. 2XU Men’s 3/4 Compression Tights

2. 2XU Men's 3/4 Compression Tights

These tights are made with Nylon and Elastane. It is body firming and can be used for both high impact and low impact sports. The tights are full length with graduated compression that helps move the blood closer to the heart. It is breathable and lightweight with material that lasts longer than any regular type of clothing.

3. Under Armour Outerwear Men’s CGI Evo Leggings

3. Under Armour Outerwear Men's CGI Evo Leggings

The Under Armour leggings do not have an extra large tall size for the larger than average male. It is made of Polyester and Elastane and come in eleven different colours. They are best used in warmer weather as some reviews suggest they do not fair well in extreme cold atmospheres. As a running gear, the fit is not as slick as its counterparts and may not be best suited for the avid runner but may work better for low impact sporting activities.

4. Men COOVY Sports Compression Under Base Layer 3/4 Tights Workout Armour Pants

4. Men COOVY Sports Compression Under Base Layer 3/4 Tights Workout Armour Pants

The COOVY tights are another product by Armour. They are not the typical compression pants. They are tight fitting but aren’t designed to help in muscle recovery. They however absorb moisture as you sweat and keep the skin dry as it allows for breathability. But if you want a snug fitting, moisture wicking layer to go under something, these are great. The fabric is lightweight which allows natural movement during exercise and increase comfort. These COOVY tights come in six different colours.

5. CW-X Men’s Stabilyx Running Tights

5. CW-X Men's Stabilyx Running Tights

The CW-X stability running tights are 100% spandex. They offer extra knee and muscle joint support and a wider waistline with a drawstring to adjust tightness. The presence of a drawstring may sometimes cause folding over. Some users have brought to light the size of the pocket which is unusually small. If you like your ipod or phone for music, an extra accessory might be necessary as it will not fit into this pocket.

6. Baleaf Men’s Running Fitness Workout Compression Base Layer Tights

6. Baleaf Men's Running Fitness Workout Compression Base Layer Tights

These tights are designed to be comfortable. They have are able to stretch to fit the form of the body ensuring flexibility during movement. It is made of Polyester and Elastane. They are somewhat thinner than it’s counterparts and therefore do not get hot in warmer weather. Baleaf has six different colours to choose from, some truly bright for those who love to stand out and would fare well on any runner.

7. Showtime Men’s Professional Design Football Running Tights Stretch Ankle Length Pants

7. Showtime Men's Professional Design Football Running Tights Stretch Ankle Length Pants

The Showtime tights come in nine different colours including white. It has a soft interior that ensures both warmth in cold weather and comfort. Like many of its counterparts, it is a slim, sleek fit and has a moisture sensing design that keeps a runner cool and dry. The manufacturers state that for Asian sizing, one would need to purchase a size higher than they normally would. The ankle length could be a hit or miss on a wearer, some may fit perfectly and others may be loose around the ankle.

8. Tesla Men’s Thermal Coldgear Compression Baselayer Pants Leggings Tights P33

8. Tesla Men's Thermal Coldgear Compression Baselayer Pants Leggings Tights P33

With 28 different colours to choose from, the Tesla tights offer variety for the picky buyer. They have a fleece lining that would keep anyone warm however they are not designed for extreme cold temperatures. It also offers two-way circulation for breathability and senses moisture for a cool and dry effect as you sweat. These tights fit well on the skin allowing for natural movement.

9. ASICS Men’s PR Tights

9. ASICS Men's PR Tights

The ASICS PR tights are also moisture friendly and keep a runner dry when sweating. There is elastic around the ankles that are meant to keep the tights in place and keep them from riding up. This feature may also create difficulty while putting on the tights. It is form fitting allowing for flexible movement. It also has a drawstring waist that allows the wearer to adjust the fit.

10. SKINS Men’s A400 Long Tights

10. SKINS Men's A400 Long Tights

One can choose between black and yellow for the colour options. SKINS offers options for the taller man, which most designs do not account for. There is less restriction around the knees but more compression around the thighs. The material provides a cool felling which is appropriate for warmer temperatures. The manufacturers offer detailed sizing information making it easier to purchase according to your true size and increases the probability of a true fit.

11. CW-X Men’s Pro Running Tights

11. CW-X Men's Pro Running Tights

The CW-X Men’s Pro tights have a soft fabric with elastic that support the joints and muscles ad you run. They have a drawstring on the waist that helps secure them in place. These tights are designed to keep you cool and dry by keeping moisture art bay. A wait belt is also included to serve the purpose of a pocket.

12. ASICS Men’s Thermopolis LT Tights

12. ASICS Men's Thermopolis LT Tights

In cold temperatures, these are the tights for you as they keep your legs insulated and warm. The ASICS tights have a zipper around the ankles allowing an easy in and out. The silicone around the ankle keeps it in place while running. Because of the soft fabric, these tights are very confortable and fit well against the body. It is made of Polyester and Spandex and come equipped with a zippered pocket.

13. CW-X Men’s Stabilyx Tights

13. CW-X Men's Stabilyx Tights

As with previous CW-X tights, the Stabilyx offers support for core joints and muscles. This particular make comes with added support to the lower leg to improve efficiency. It is also designed to support the abdominal section and lower back. This feature forces you to have correct posture while running and engages the athlete to use more of his core. The use of these tights can also help in the recovery period after strenuous exercise by reducing the amount of acid accumulated from the exercise.

14. ASICS Men’s Myles II Running Tight

14. ASICS Men's Myles II Running Tight

The designers of this running tight used Flatlock stitches which increase comfort. It stretches to fit with the body movements and is breathable, keeping moisture at bay and the skin dry. These tights would suffice in mildly cold temperature and not extreme winter.

15. CW-X Men’s Insulator Stabilyx Running Tights

15. CW-X Men's Insulator Stabilyx Running Tights

Another great pair of tights from the CW-X team – with all the features of the Stabilyx, this pair comes with added insulation for those winter cold days. These tights also feature added support to the lower leg, the abdominal section (core) and the lower back. They also reduce the amount of acid accumulated from the exercise making recovery easier, faster and less painful.

As seen from the list above, there are a variety of running tights available to suit any type of runner. The best running tight would be slim fitting, moisture detecting with the ability to keep you dry. Determining the sizes may prove quite tricky depending height, waist size, if the tights are long and ankle fitting.

One thing remains clear though, and that is, compression tights are a great addition to every runner’s wardrobe with important health benefits to the joints, skin and muscles.

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